Are you sick of following wellness influencers that don't keep it real?

Are you tired of ticking off "get healthy" boxes, but you still don't feel good from the inside out?

Then connect with me on social media! I show up to activate your curiosity with fresh ways to approach wellness from the inside out! 

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Wellness Coaching That Activates Curiosity!

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Meet Amy...

I am a Holistic Nurse Coach with a clinical research background. My coaching infuses clinical, professional, and personal experience, along with the principles of innate health to unleash your infinite health potential. I created the “Activate Curiosity Wellness” approach to help my coaching clients unleash their natural curiosity and ability to align both internal and external health values. Over the years my clinical nursing experience activated a natural joy to help others heal. Come join me on a journey to re-discover your well-being from the inside out!

More About Me

My Coaching Infuses Activity, Curiosity and Well-Being!

  • Be Active! 

  • You will choose to move your body in ways that feel natural, energizing, and help you connect to your inner essence! The focus is on consistency and joyful body expression. 

  • Be Curious! 

  • You will explore the deeper nature of mind through self-inquiry, fresh thinking, insight based learning and a deeper awareness to the human experience. 

  • Be Well!

  • You will rediscover your connection to the vast space with-in and return to the presence of your inner being (soul) the space where the feeling of well-being emerges. 

    A Few Ways To Work with Me!

    1-on-1 Coaching

    Lean In: Your Vision

    My one:one coaching is designed for those that want a high quality individualized wellness approach that is both fluid and intrinsically inspiring to guide you towards effortless change in unleashing your health potential. 

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    Group Coaching

    Bounce Back BLAZE

    The habitual burnout cycle can cause serious stress-related health issues and take a toll on your relationships, work performance, and overall well-being. There is a gentle yet impactful way to lean into healthy habits.

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    Group Mastermind

    Explore Mindful Eating 

    My Exploring Mindful Eating Mastermind is designed to attune you to the driving forces behind “why we eat” and explore being mindful to our body’s intuitive biofeedback. Unleash food freedom from the diet mentality.

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    What Are Clients Saying?!

    "...Working with Amy has been a transformative experience... have learned to trust myself, gained self-esteem, developed healthier habits and really started taking good care of myself for the first time in my life."

    -Amy T.

    ... My intuition around food and movement choices has grown tenfold in my months working with Amy and I feel better equipped to make the choices that are right for me moving forward..."

    -Zoe S. 

    "...Amy is a fantastic coach... She helped me overcome self-doubt and gave me actionable steps to achieve my goals, and she was available for support..."

    -Nadia M.

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