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My Mission

The mission of Amy Crippen (AC) Wellness is to co-create an aligned wellness approach that activates your natural curiosity and guides you to the space within, where well-being and all life experiences emerge. It’s time to explore what’s on offer when you lean into your natural ability to create the lifestyle you truly desired.

What Inspired Me!

Over the years, my clinical nursing experience activated a natural joy to help others heal. However, I noticed that despite the excellent health promotion and prevention education that I was providing to my patients, they still struggled to make necessary lifestyle changes to transform their health. This, along my own personal struggles to activate wellness for myself, led me on a quest to find a new approach.

After decades of living life from the reactive space of “survival mode,” stress-related issues started to take a serious toll on my well-being. I was truly stuck in habitual burnout cycles and I was suffering from chronic fatigue. I also had constant headaches and body aches, depression, symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, and intrusive thoughts. It felt like I was losing the spark for life, but I chalked it up to adulting and “just the way it is” when you get older. Then one day a dear friend committed suicide and I couldn’t ignore the inner calling to heal from the inside out. This led me to begin my own wellness journey and the discovery of “YOU ARE A COACH” from a deep felt heart space within my soul. I responded to my inner calling and decided to sign up for a certification to become a holistic nurse coach.

My coaching infuses clinical, professional, and personal experience, along with the principles of innate health to unleash your infinite health potential. I use the vehicle of nurse coaching to bring the understanding of innate well-being and to guide you toward a deeper understanding of the nature of thought and our psychological experience of the world. It truly wasn’t adulting, past trauma, poor genetics, or x, y, z that was leaving me feeling hopeless. It was my chronic habitual thinking that was taking me away from the essence of who I really am. Through sharing this understanding with my clients are able to transform from the inside out effortlessly through insight and the power that lives within. I infuse active curiosity with a sense of adventure to move your body, eat mindfully, and explore the deep nature of mind. After all, isn’t the purpose of wellness to feel good from the inside out?

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