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One Thought Away 

Every single human being is mind, body, and soul, none of which can be separated from the whole, despite the conditioning of the world. It doesn’t take hours of mediation, and it certainly doesn’t take a $10,000 mindful retreat, to rediscover your essence underneath it all. It takes one thought, one insight, one “HMOG” moment and suddenly it strikes you, “I am a soul living in a human body.”

Take a moment - pause from reading this and become aware of the stillness deep within - just take yourself to that space. Where do you experience the feeling of presence in the body? Are you finding this space within difficult to experience in this moment? Do you notice what is taking you from this space? Could it be that you are thinking about all the other things to do? Or possibly - I can’t sit still! Some say it’s difficult to hold still, I know because I was one of them. I used to say a lot of things about myself that were not really true and I would have to recite those untrue thoughts in my own head to keep the story going. I am sure that you’ve probably heard the saying you create your own reality, but in truth it’s more that we live in the reality and feeling of our own thinking. I am not telling you the quality of your thinking or labeling it good or bad thinking. I am simply pointing to where all of our psychological experiences emerge from which is thought in the moment.

I will tell you the good news, which is that the very nature of thought is transformative. You never know where the next thought will take you and yet you are already on that new journey of thought in this moment reading this blog. You don’t need to reinvent yourself, rather lean inward to re-discovery who you already are. I hope you have a happy, active, curious day full of juicy insights and laughter!!

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